Some of my past projects (web and SW development)

Examples below are mostly testing, learning, technology evaluation etc. They are outside scope of work done as an employment or client assignments.
See my online resumé for additional details regarding past employment and activities. I have more applications and projects I can present during interview (in English and Slovak).

web projects (1999-2005)

  smartwebsoft web project    SmartWebsoft web page, a .NET/WebForms project. "CodeBehind" in form of a DLL was originally compiled for .NET 1.0 environment.
A Static HTML page (without functional webforms code) is available here.

Part of the original JavaScript code dealt with cross-browser issues. At that time (year 2002), typical approach was developing a customized presentation layer for each supported browser and redirect user accordingly:
if (Request.Browser.Browser == "IE") {IE_version} else {Netscape_version}
  travel agency icon   An early HTML/CSS demo web page template (prior frameworks era).  
  personal income tax calculator icon   Personal income tax calculator (available here) by province (Canada), based on 2004 tax rates.

Coded in JavaScript (client side only, no server side scripting).

Details regarding canadian tax rules can be found at taxtips web site ( Personal income tax  - CPP contribution rates  - EI premium rates).
This site was designed to promote SMART Car application (a shareware project).
  dynamic menu DHTML   An example of dynamic menu, as was popular in 2002:
  picture album done in PHP   Photo album (can be seen here), a "1998 style" web design, done in PHP. In order to make old code working, I had to do make some adjustments:
  1. register_globals feature is deprecated,
  2. case-sensitivity configuration,
  3. character encoding (old charset was windows-1250).
  career manager   Career manager was a shareware program coded in Delphi 5. I created a web site in PHP (2002 version).

A whole web was redesigned in 2004 and migrated to ASP.NET/WebForms platform. A mirror (HTML version only) is available here.
  • as a payment gateway was used a regsoft(dot)net service (discontinued), integration with PayPal account was tested later;
  • both payment solutions are PCI compliant.

2018 update: I found an old ASP.NET webForms code. I converted it to the .NET framework 3.5. You can give it a try here.(forms are functional)
  office Web Components/htc code   Intranet (web-based, behind firewall, managed clients/desktops) reporting solution using Office Web Components (OWC), namely Pivot table connected to Microsft Analysis Services (SSAS) data source:

  • JScript front-end, an approach called hypertext components (.htc) was used,
  • both OWC and .htc are now considered obsolete by Microsoft.

Miscellaneous web-related notes/techniques:

Windows programming (Delphi 5/win32 applications, 1999-2005)

See screenshots and additional notes regarding Delphi programming from 1999-2001 at smartwebsoft mirror

other programming (examples)

◈ English - Slovak dictionary
- Palm OS development (2001), few notes about project,
- database was compressed using Huffman compressing algorithm.
◈ Microsoft FoxPro 2.6 for DOS application development (developed several applications of similar complexity; 1994-2000)
- applications were both single user and supporting user concurrency (pessimistic/optimistic locking modes)
- custom user authentication and authorization was implemented at application level as such functionality was not natively supported by FoxPro
◈ EPPV project (1993), Borland Pascal 5.5 (MS DOS) and Inline assembler code
- communication with external hardware by "hacking" printer port (8255)

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